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Abstract figurative paintings are what I am drawn too most. Deep in our spirit, we see and feel things that are often not tangible in the natural world. I’m compelled to find a way to tell the story on canvas and share what I see and feel. Each image presents a message from a deep place, a spiritual source. The final image often brings its own message to be discovered by the viewer. As I have said to viewers, “You will see many things in these images and you may even see yourself. From there, I believe you may find life itself.”

My art is often described as moving, spiritual, emotional and transformational. I use bold colors to express the intensity of what I see and find others are drawn to it as well. I paint quickly as though the canvas is speaking to me. I am not afraid to paint layer upon layer until the feeling is right. To make it all work, I intentionally keep in mind the source of light and position of the feet. Feet on earth, head in the heavens. Let that speak to you.

David L Ramer


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